Comfur Guest™ Collection

3 firmnesses easily changed by switching between the three toppers provided. Designed according to carefully studied specifications, the Comfur Guest™ G1 Mattress is the epitome of guest comfort. One mattress that can provide 3 distinct and comforting feels without the need to rotate the mattress.


Comfur Guest™ Collection

Built using the same proprietary materials used in the G1 Guest Mattress™,  the G2 Guest Mattress™ also offers 3 different feels, Firm, Medium or Soft at a lower cost than the G1. 

Comfur Guest™ Collection

The Comfur G3 Mattress™ offers two of the most popular firmnesses all in one mattress, Medium and Firm, simply by rotating the mattress.

For Storage Beds, Flat Base beds and Boats

A special type of fabric that provides air to the bottom of a mattress. Especially good for Storage Beds, Flat base beds and boats.