Allergy Free Bedding

At the end of a long, hard day, nothing beats climbing into your bed for a restful night's sleep. 

But if you're allergic to dust mites, your bed is probably making you miserable.  Investing in high-quality allergy free bedding can save your sanity and allow you to get that good night's sleep that you might be missing due to sneezing, wheezing, and other allergy symptoms.

Allergy free bedding can offer relief from allergies and asthma and come in a variety of materials and styles.  Just because you have allergies does not mean you need to deprive yourself of comfort. You can still enjoy the heavenly softness of latex and the comfort of memory foam with allergy free bedding.

We have the complete solution for you and it begins with your Mattress:



We use only high quality materials when building our mattresses and one of our main focuses is a healthy sleep environment. We use Actiguard Protection which is the maximum guarantee of hygienic protection, preventing the development of domestic mites, mold or fungus, bacteria and allergens produced by unhealthy environments and which may be harmful to your health.  Sanitized Protection is applied to further guarantee anti-microbial protection and prevents the proliferation of dust mites and bed bugs.


Mattress Cover

Sanitised and Anti Dustmite treatments ensure your mattress is protected day and night preventing dust mites and bed bugs from invading your bedding. 



While everyone knows the pillow is a key component of a comfy bed, it is also one of the most allergy-inducing objects you sleep with.  Dust mites and bed bugs can easily invade any pillow, and with your nose and mouth resting on your pillow all night long, it's a recipe for allergy misery!  But, with our 100% HypoAllergenic Pillows those days are over. Browse our pillows which include memory foam pillows made from Natural Oils such as Soia and Aloe Vera, latex and Coconut.


Pillow Cover

To completely ensure you get a restful night’s sleet, add a Pillow cover and you can put your worries to rest.  The Pillow covers fit all of our pillows offering choices for even the pickiest of sleepers.  So those allergy sufferers who thought they were destined to be stuck with a flimsy pillow stuffed inside an uncomfortable plastic bag can relax and browse our selection of comfortable allergy free pillows!