From €365.00

The Three is the firmest memory foam mattress in our C1 Collection. Ideal for people who like a firm mattress. 

From €425.00

The Five mattress is an Original in its own right. Thousands of people own a Five and they Love it.

Amazing comfort and support for those who prefer a medium firm feel.
From €465.00

Luxurious medium feel memory foam mattress providing a deeper relaxation as you toss and turn less, whilst the Thermo regulator mattress cover ensure you sleep at the right temperature night after night.

From €499.00

The Ten is the softest of our Mattress Range whilst still providing the right orthopaedic support for the body. 

From €529.00

The Cool Mattress offers the amazing benefits of Memory Foam with the added plus of Memory Cool Gel Foam, a fantastic blend of Memory foam and Gel which provides the sleeper with cooler night's in bed, ideal for our harsh summers.



From €595.00
Nature Memory Foam Mattress

The Nature is the very best mattress money can buy. Made from only natural materials and minerals, it is the ideal mattress for those only wanting the best and most luxurious of sleeping surfaces.  

For Storage Beds, Flat Base beds and Boats

A special type of fabric that provides air to the bottom of a mattress. Especially good for Storage Beds, Flat base beds and boats.