The most hygienic, sanitized mattress cover of all. The Teflon Waterproof Mattress Protector is available for single, double, king size or queen size beds. They are designed to protect mattresses from moisture.


The Organic Cotton pillow case features a soft 100% organic cotton fabric for a luxurious and healthy sleep. 100% cotton pillows are perfect for those that prefer to sleep on 100% cotton surfaces. 


This Aloe Vera Pillow case iks treated with Aloe vera micro extracts which have a de-stressing effect and provide the many beneficial health benefits of Aloe Vera providing a pleasant sleep.


Eucalyptus fibre, often known by its brand name TENCEL®, is a revolutionary new plant-based fibre. Its exceptional natural characteristics for absorbency, hygiene and temperature regulation make it ideal for use in bedding.

For Storage Beds, Flat Base beds and Boats

A special type of fabric that provides air to the bottom of a mattress. Especially good for Storage Beds, Flat base beds and boats.