Free 30 Day Sleep Trial

Most people buy a mattress in a conventional way. You visit a bedding shop, lie down on a few mattresses and in those few minutes make a decision you will have to live with for a good few years.  
What most people don’t realise, or rather they do but it’s usually too late, is that the mattress that felt so comfortable in those few minutes isn’t actually the right mattress for them.
The truth is that you do have to sleep on it for a good week or ideally two to be able to determine if its right for you. This is where our Sleep Trial comes in.
Following a purchase of any of our mattresses in our C1 or C2 Collection, we offer our customers 30 days to sleep on the mattress and if in those 30 days you're sure its not right for you, whether it's causing you pain or you just didn't find it comfortable, we will provide you with a new mattress model with a different firmness or feel, and if you really don't think we can get it right the second time, we'll give you a full refund. Simple and easy. 

In short, here’s how it works.


  1. Purchase a Mattress from one of our Mattress Collection shops. 
  2. We will deliver it straight to your bedroom, unwrap it and get it ready to roll.
  3. Sleep on your new mattress and enjoy the wonder that is a beautifully crafted mattress.
  4. If you’re unhappy about anything in the first 30 days after your purchase, call us, email us, message us and we’ll work with you to fix the problem right away.
  5. If we can’t help, we’ll either provide you with a new different mattress of your choice or refund you your money.
  6. Its as simple as that.


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Terms & Conditions

Our T & C's are very reasonable (We think anyway :) 

Mattresses will only be accepted back if they are in the original condition, obviously open though :)

Mattresses which have stains, soil marks, rips, tears or any other marks or blemishes unfortunately cannot be accepted back. Please always check before contacting us.

When requesting a new mattress, If the retail price of the new mattress is higher than the amount you originally paid, you are requested to pay the difference. If its lower, we refund the difference to you. It's important to note that discounts do not apply on Sleep Trial Replacement Mattresses and therefore if effecting a change, any discounts previously applied will be lost.  

We charge a €20 fee to collect the original mattress and deliver the new one, alternatively you can return the unwanted mattress free of charge. And please do ensure to wrap it appropriately so that is safe.

The option to choose a different model or request a refund is only valid once. In the case of an incorrect size being ordered, the 30 day sleep trial will be deemed invalid. 

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.