The Seven Mattress - C1 Collection

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Luxurious medium feel memory foam mattress providing a deeper relaxation as you toss and turn less, whilst the Thermo regulator mattress cover ensure you sleep at the right temperature night after night.


Top Layer

The Top layer of this mattress is made of a generous 7cm of Natural Visco Elastic Memory Foam, giving more than enough depth to contour to your entire body shape and support those sensitive and protruding parts of our bodies.


Bottom Layer

The bottom part of this mattress is made with 13cm of High Density Water based support foam, a highly supportive and responsive water based foam that has been laboratory tested to give the most rejuvenating and muscle relaxing sleep available. By replacing the toxic solvents usually used to make and clean foam with natural water, this support foam also ensures you sleep in a truly healthy environment.


Protection Layer

This round edge cover is perfect for those who really want to feel the amazing comfort of Natural Memory Foam. The cover is made using a heat regulation system helping you to regulate your body’s temperature during the night, providing undisturbed sleep every night.

Anallergic, sanitized, anti-dustmite and has a special 3d band which forces air circulation throughout the mattress.



The best mattress in the world is worthless without a solid foundation. Whether you have a box spring, solid wood foundation or a slatted base, its important to ensure that it is supporting your body properly. Ask your partner to look at the base while you’re lying in bed, the foundation should be straight and not bent downwards at any point. Our Slatted beds are made specifically to withstand the weight of our bodies over time and also adjust to our bodies movements. See our beds here.



  • Class 1 Medical Device registered with the Ministry of Health in Italy
  • Nasa inspired Natural Oil Visco Elastic Memory foam
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Available in standard sizes and custom sizes
  • Free Delivery
  • Thermo regulator Mattress cover
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Anti Dustmite

Product Details

  • Top Layer – 7cm ViscoElastic Natural Vegetable Oil Memory Foam
  • Bottom Layer – 13 cm High Density Support Foam Layer (Ecosustainable as water is used instead of solvents)
  • Anti-bedsore features guarantee complete blood circulation, preventing bedsores when long stays in bed are necessary
  • Cover Easily Removable and fully machine washable
  • Allergen and Dust-Mite resistant
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Non turn Mattress


So Beneficial its approved as a Medical Device. You can sleep soundly with the knowledge that you have the right comfort and support levels needed for a good night's sleep, every night

Firmness Category:      Medium 


Malta Mattress Size Guide (We make any size mattress) 

(Note: Please note that we make any size mattress including customs sizes, round mattresses and also boat mattresses)

Mattress Name   

Mattress Size    

Small Single

80cm x 190cm or 200cm


90cm x 190cm or 200cm

Small double

120cm x 190cm or 200cm


137cm or 140cm x 190cm or 200cm


150cm or 160cm x 190cm

King long

150cm or 160cm x 200cm


180cm x 190cm or 200cm





100% Cotton Cover
Airflow Fabric
Completely Removable Cover
Machine Washable at 90°
Zip Removable Cover