Comfur Guest™ Mattress


Introducing Comfur Guest™


Using our proprietary technology we

have designed a boutique collection of mattresses that provide individualised comfort for your guests.


A choice of three different levels of firmness will be offered for customized comfort. Offer your guests the option upon booking of choosing their preffered firmness.  In a few minutes, our Guest mattress is transformed to suit your guests personal needs.


The iconic Comfur Guest™ Mattresses are the ultimate in luxury bedding, the G1 Guest Mattress being the epitome in  Guest accommodation - features the latest technology including:

  • Easily interchangeable Toppers

  • Patented heat-absorption technology keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night

  • Natural comfortable Memory Foams providing optimal support whilst minimizing partner motion transfer 





Easily change the firmness by swapping one topper for another. Firm Topper, Medium Topper and a Soft Plush Topper.


Using our formulated technology, our combination of advanced foams, at the exact density and firmness, merge to provide the perfect comfort whether your guests prefer a firm, medium or soft feel. 


Easy Zip removal makes changing the toppers  quick and effortless. Both Topper covers and mattress cover are easily removable and machine washable. 


The Comfur Guest™ Mattresses will meet the needs of your guests through this personalization.



See our range of Comfur Guest™  Mattresses.