The Night Collection Beds
Claire The Night Collection Bed

Choose Claire for a timeless, luxurious look for your bedroom.


Available in hundreds of colours , eco leathers, real leathers and fabrics too including your own fabric. All standard sizes and also custom sizes.


Options you can add




PIPING Customise your headboard and bed frame 



SADDLE STITCH -  add one to the outline of your headboard and bed frame



VALANCE Added to the edge of your headboard



DOUBLE VALANCE  - Double the material added to the edge



DIFFERENT SHAPE FRAMES - For the bottom part of your bed






We even have feet high enough for the little robot vaccum cleaner to fit under :)




Did you want to read in bed or watch tv and not have to stay propping up with pillows?





How about adding a backlight ready built into the back of the headboard



Or built-in speakers into the headboard that connect via bluetooth to your phone, tablet or radio



The options are endless which ultimately present you with your unique perfect bed.



Interior Designers are welcome to submit their own fabrics. Creation time is 30 days, shipping and Delivery 7-14 days.


Visit one of our shops and browse our catalogue or design your own unique bed. 




Anti Allergic
Completely Removable Cover
Machine Washable at 90°