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Full Guarantee



Mattress Collection offers the following guarantees on beds, mattress, pillows and sleep accessories:

  • Mattress – Ten (10) Years
  • Commercial Mattresses - Five (5) Years
  • Bed – Two (2) Years
  • Pillows – Two (2) Years
  • Sleep Accessories – Two (2) Years


Parts covered by the guarantee are as follows:

  • Mattress – Full Mattress structure : Internal Foams, 3D Airflow products, Fabrics, Padding, Seams, Zips.
  • Bed – Full bed structure including motors (if any)
  • Pillows – Internal Foam and external fabric, seams and zips.
  • Sleep Accessories – Internal Foam and external fabric, seams and zips.


The warranty is given to the person (or company) purchasing the products from any Mattress Collection outlet or from any authorized Mattress Collection dealer. The warranty is valid for as long as the product is owned and in the possession of the original purchaser. The warranty is non transferable.

The warranty commences from the date of delivery and covers defects in the materials and workmanship of the products. The warranty will be voided in cases in which the products are not in perfect hygienic condition or when defects are attributable to improper use. If a mattress is damaged or deformed due to the use of poor quality or defective bed slats or an unsuitable/improper bed base, this will not be considered a defect. The warranty will be voided if the product is found to have any of the following: stains, marks, tears, rips, mould, burns, holes or any alterations performed without the express consent of Mattress Collection. Maintenance instructions are found on our website. The warranty will be voided if the mattress or Topper has not been opened from its vacuum packed state 30 days from the date of delivery.

Each product has its own weight limitations. Standard C1 & C2 Collection Mattresses have a weight limit per person of 90kg. Plus 5 Mattresses (C1 & C2 Collection) have a limit of 110kg per person whilst Plus 10 Mattresses (C1 and C2 Collection) have a limit of 130kg per person. The G1 & G2 Mattresses in the Guest Collection have a weight limit of 110kg per person whilst the G3 & G4 Mattress in the same Guest Collection have a weight limit of 90kgs per person. The Tempo and Tempo Plus mattresses in the C3 Collection have a weight limit of 90kg per person. The weight limits are based on a per person basis with the understanding that each person sleeps on their side of the mattress (for double mattresses). In exceptional cases relating to the weight of the customer, Mattress Collection reserves the right, prior to the delivery, to substitute the internal support foam to a more expensive foam which has a higher density/weight tolerance. If this exception is used, the extra costs are borne solely by Mattress Collection. Please speak to our knowledgeable staff so that you are guided to the right mattress for you.

All Standard Beds have a weight limit of 110kg per person, whilst standard motorised beds have a weight limit of 100kg per person. The heavy duty upgrade for the motorised beds provide a weight limit of 115kgs per person whilst the Heavy Duty Extra upgrade has a weight limit of 125kg per person. Toppers have a weight limit of 100kg per person. 

The warranty confirms that Mattress Collection will repair or substitute free of charge the defective part or component. Where this proves to be impossible, Mattress Collection will substitute the complete product at its own cost.

It is important to note that natural wear is not considered a defect or flaw. Any shrinkage or variation in size that may occur due to washing are excluded from the warranty. Any subsiding of the mattress of less than 15% of the height of the mattress is entirely normal and is due to settling of the internal structure and padding and does not constitute a defect. A tolerance of +/- 2cm in the measurements due to assembly of elastic components is to be considered normal and acceptable and does not constitute a defect. It is important to note that Mattresses, same as chairs, sofas, shoes and everything else that is repeatedly exposed to weight being placed on it, softens over time. This is perfectly normal. Naturally the amount of weight does have a bearing on the level of softeness the mattress will exhibit, as does the location the weight is placed on. Mattresses should be rotated head to toe frequently to ensure the bulk of the weight (the mid section of our body) is not always on the same spot. This is especially so if the weight is considerable and should therefore be rotated more frequently.

In the event of a claim, the client must send Mattress Collection a detailed description (including pictures) of the defect or defects found, by post or by email. A Mattress Collection representative may visit to inspect the product however in any case, the products must then be sent to the premises of Mattress Collection at the expense and care of the client. If this is not possible, Mattress Collection offers a collection service at a nominal fee of 20 euros per trip. Products must be suitably packed in order to avoid damage for which Mattress Collection will not be held responsible during or after transportation.

Following inspection of the mattress by Mattress Collection personnel, should a defect or defects covered by the warranty be found, Mattress Collection will either repair or replace the product and will also re-deliver the product back to the client, crediting also any transport expenses incurred by the client. Should the flaw not be covered by the guarantee, the cost of repair or substitution and the cost of transport will be paid by the client.

Rules to be respected for the correct use and care of your mattress:

The mattress should ideally be used on a base which has the same dimensions of the mattress. Slats are always preferred as they provide regular support and air ventilation but please ensure that the slats can support the weight. An indicator that the slats are good is that they are arched upwards and when lying on the bed, at most they become straight. If slats arch downwards, then there is no support and this can damage your back aswell as the mattress. Avoid using the mattress on a metal box sping bed as this may damage the mattress. In the case of flat base bed, please ensure that the base is entirely flat and not arched downwards at any point. Also ensure that the mattress is aired regularly to reduce any instances of mould. Airflow products are available that assist in providing air to the underside of the mattress. Avoid liquids penetrating into the mattress. It is recommended that a mattress protector is used to protect your mattress from liquids and external agents. Rotate your mattress head to toe frequently to ensure the ideal stabilzation of the core of the mattress, providing air circulation as well as preserving your mattress for many years to come. The more you take care of the mattress, the longer it will last.

All Mattress Collection Products are Certified Medical Devices and are thus marked CE in compliance with the European Directive 93/42/EEC that regulates medical equipment.

Being Medical Devices, each product made is issued with a certificate of compliance and tracking ensuring that each product has been made with care and each part of the manufacturing process has been logged and assigned an internal tracking number for events which require the verification of any stage of of that particular product.