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Mattress Collection™ specialises in Beds, Mattresses, Pillows and Sleep Accessories.

Our Beds..... come in a vast selection from standard slatted bases to fully customisable adjustable motorised beds with an endless choice of Headboards, fabrics and styles. They are made in Milan offering the most beautiful designs and highest quality craftsmanship.

Our Mattresses...... a range of Memory Foam Mattresses from very firm to super soft and everything in between. Made in Florence, they are medically beneficial and certified by the health authorities. 

We're all different and we all need a mattress suited for us, our experienced staff will guide you to the best mattress suited for you and your body.

Peace of mind is priceless. Visit one of our outlets today and enjoy the benefits of our Free 30 Day Sleep Trial, giving you peace of mind that if you don't choose the right mattress the first time, you can choose a new model or get your money back.

Investing in ones' sleep is one of the best decisions we can make. Let us help guide you to the right decision.



Our products are medically beneficial, have been tested by leading Spinal Doctors in Italy and are Certified by the Ministries of Health in several European Countries. Our mattresses provide the right support and comfort whilst ensuring our bodies are protected from problems usually caused by bad mattresses. They are also essential for people suffering from Back and joint pains, sciatica, shoulder and neck aches, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fybro Myalgia and many other pressure related discomfort.

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