G2 - Comfur Guest™ Mattress

Comfur Guest™ Collection

Built using the same proprietary materials used in the G1 Guest Mattress™,  the G2 Guest Mattress™ also offers 3 different feels, Firm, Medium or Soft at a lower cost than the G1.


The G2 comes with one topper attached instantly providing a Soft Feel.

A quick removal of the topper will give the mattress its Medium Feel, while rotating the mattress provides you with a Firm feel. One mattress, 3 distinct and comforting feels at a lower cost than the iconic G1 Guest Mattress™. 

The G2 comes ready with Topper attached ready to provide that Soft Feel. A guest wishes a different firmness?  Simply unzip the Soft Topper and the feel is instantly changed to Medium. Need a Firm feel, simply rotate the mattress. Its that simple.


European Made

Our mattresses and materials are

made in Europe


Health Certified

Our mattresses are certified

under the European Directive

for the prevention, treatment and

alleviation of pain


Natural Materials

We believe in using the best available

natural materials and respect the



Delivery Included

All our rates include shipping and



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Aloe Vera
Anti Allergic
Completely Removable Cover