Aloe Vera Plush Memory Foam Pillow

Aloe Vera Plush Memory Foam Pillow
Aloe Vera Plush Memory Foam Pillow

15cm Height - The Aloe Vera Plush Memory Foam pillow is the softest of our Aloe Vera pillows. It has the usual soap bar shape and has holes through it providing it with air circulation and the softer plushy feel.

This pillow is made using natural Aloe Vera oil extracted from this very beneficial plant. The oil is then used instead of Petroleum during the Memory Foam making process, replacing harmful solvents and chemicals usually used when making Memory foam. The result is a healthy comfortable and pressure relieving pillow.

The Pillow comes with a 100% organic cotton which has a zip making it easily removable and washable. Also hypo-allergenic.

Memory Foam pillows soothe and relieve aches and pains during sleep relieving high pressure areas and improving comfort.


Our Pillows come with a complimentary choice of 3 different pillow cases, Aloe Vera, Tencel or Organic Cotton.



100% Cotton Cover
Aloe Vera
Anti Allergic
Completely Removable Cover
Zip Removable Cover
Machine Washable at 90°